3 Basic Tips to Use Estimated Total Conversions in Google Adwords

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Estimated Total Conversions is a first step for proving you a more significant view of the conversions made by the AdWords. Estimated Total Conversions is announced in the month October and is available for the AdWords conversion tracking advertisers. ETC includes today’s conversions like online sales, and the new types of conversion like cross-device conversions and the calls. These approaches are quite important because today consumers are stay connected throughout the day by the help of using multiple devices. It will be more manifest in the next few weeks because people will shop for the holiday gifts. As per the recent thorough study of holidays, nearly 84% of the consumers use mobiles or tablets during the shopping in this holiday season, they prefer to shop on one device and end their shopping on another device.

So with the Estimated Total Conversions i.e. a new column in AdWords, we are making it easier to the advertisers to understand the fluctuations of the consumer behavior.

3 ways of using Estimated Total Conversions to progress business results

  1. Make different look to your desktop/tablet bid: Your total ROI from the AdWords will be changed with the more conversions credited to AdWords. You need to re-evaluate your desktop/tablet cost-per-acquisition (CPA) according to these cross-device conversions. If this evaluation gives improved results, then you would like to search for the further opportunities to boost the position and volume by the way of increasing your bids.
  2. Avail the full value of your mobile devices:  With this data, advertisers will be able to see the conversions just within a few weeks of showing ads. In fact many search marketers already using this data by starting a test on campaigns. This insights will also escort you in taking important business decisions like decision regarding adjusting mobile bids or shifting the budget in order to reflect the new ROI.
  3. Spend smartly i.e. only on the most profitable dollar: If you are aware about the more conversions then the total value of your investment for the AdWords might change. Smart investment will give profitable returns. So, while investing your dollar on AdWords, other digital channels or any offline media, just think about the most profitable channel.

In order to improve the performance, Estimated Total Conversions will give you new way of optimizing your bids as well as budgets. Mr. Amit Shah, the Vice President of Online, Mobile & Social at 1-800-Flowers, used this new approach to make more informed budget allocation decisions and he successfully did so.

After measuring your mobile’s cross-device conversions, we notice that a 4% increase in total conversions measured in AdWords. With the full story presented by the Estimated Total Conversions, we came to know that the attribution across the channels and this led to make improved decisions for achieving marginal spend optimization.

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