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I have been using Airtel prepaid mobile services since last 4 years and I always recharge my plan online. Alright, what is new in this? There are many people recharge their plan online!

Let me come to the real point

Whenever I want to recharge, I go to Google and search with “Airtel recharge” or “Airtel prepaid recharge” keywords to find airtel recharge landing page. Here is the screen shot of search result displayed by Google.

Airtel recharge Google search resultAs you can see in given screenshot, first 3 results are from Google adwords (that means paid advertisement) and I always avoid paid listing to see the organic search result quality served by search engine. Usually I click on first few organic results and here in this case, when I clicked on first result, it landed me on this Airtel recharge landing page:

Airtel recharge Landing pageAs you can see in screenshot, the body of this page has nothing about recharge. Not even any instruction or information. I am sure that the bounce rate of this page will be more than 90%. And the real nightmare is; the page is there since last 4-5 months (I started observing this from last 4-5 months).

Let’s see what happen when I searched with “airtel prepaid recharge”! Same page is enjoying top position in Google organic result with no information about online recharge. Luckily the second result is the page which I was looking for.

Being a natural user, I observed that the first result has always landed me on this page has no information about online recharge. I hardly find relevant page on 2nd or 3rd result and then I used to click on 1st result in paid advertisement!

See below data as per Google keyword planner tool

airtel-adword-keywordAs per Google keyword planner, they serve around 300000 Impression per month for “airtel recharge” keyword and estimated PPC bid is $0.10 (Around Rs 6 per click). As per recent article published by Steamfeed, the first organic result receiving around 17.16% clicks. In our case, 17% of 10000 are: 1700 clicks per day (roughly).

Keyword Search query/month Search query/Day Est Click on #1 Org Result
Airtel recharge 300000 10000 1700

Around 1700 users who click on first page will land on this page every day. Lets predict that the 10% of them again go to Google and click on paid listing, Airtel may be spending (170 X $0.10 = $70) per day for this clicks to Google adwords!

A small improvement in landing page may not only save big on paid advertisement but also helps you to improve the overall conversion rate from organic result.

Please note that, I did not cover other keywords which shows same landing page on first position. Otherwise the number of daily visits of this page will definitely raise a lot.


Whenever we are promoting our brands online, we should keep working on landing page optimization. Brief analysis of bounce rate or exit page result in Google analytics will give you this insight. Just think, what happen when a user is not happy with the landing page?

  • They may go back and click on paid listing (as I did)
  • They may go to other provider (in this care, at 3rd position in paid listing). Airtel may be paying commission on these recharge made by paytm.
  • They will go and click on #2 or #3 result (I have already considered this in above calculation and only considered 10% of clicks).

 In-short, gaining traffic is not the only important part in digital marketing. We need to focus on landing page optimization too.

Do you have same experience with other brands or pages? Share here by comments!

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