Learn Important Lesson in PPC from this Airtel Adwords Campaign

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Is your Google adwords campaign is generating lots of impression and clicks but having poor conversion rate? You really need to understand important lesson in PPC that will be covered in this article. If you think that you learned to create Google adwords campaign will start generating conversion then you are wrong. You also need to learn the different Adwords features and its impact.

Recently I have published an article on how airtel is losing their potential customer by not optimizing their landing page. And today, I just came across this wonderful example of how they are wasting money on Google Adwords by not optimizing their campaign properly.

Here is the more detail

Airtel cannot enroll new 3G subscribers in 7 zones including Gujarat, if you need more information about this SC order, checkout this article published in April 2013 by TOI.

Now, being an Airtel user; I always faced this issue for 3G recharge and have suffered a lot.

But the real nightmare is; Airtel is promoting their 3G services in Gujarat. Why?

The reason is simple, their PPC team may not aware about this fact that they can not sell this service in Gujarat and other 6 circles.

More details about this Airtel Adwords Campaign

Go to Google and search with “Airtel recharge” keyword; you may see below ads in Google search result.

Airtel Adwords ResultThe screen-shot is taken from my pc and my location is Ahmedabad (Gujarat). You will see the sitelink of airtel 3G promotional page and other promotional offer about 3G. Now, I visited Airtel recharge page from direct link of their recharge page and tried to get 3G data services for my Airtel number.

Here is the screenshot that include error message displayed by airtel recharge page which clearly stat that the given facility is not available in your circle!

Airtel recharge page

If you are not offering your services in particular region, why you are promoting them in those area? I know you are smart enough to answer this question. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why I am sharing this with you?

I want to share the real example with you on how to target your campaign properly. From this example we can learn two important points:

#1 Understand your product properly

As discussed earlier, the Airtel 3G service is not available in Gujarat and other 6 circles. If the marketing team knows this fact, they can save a lot of money by stop displaying these ads in Gujarat and other affected states.

#2 You Ristrict the Campaign by Locations

Google adwords provide best feature to limit your ads being displayed in particular region or states or city or locations. In this case, Airtel marketing team can exclude those locations where they are not offering 3G services.

How to use this feature?

  • Login to your Google adwords account
  • Click on particular campaign
  • Now click on setting tab
  • You will see window displayed in below screen shot
  • Now go to Location and click on edit button
  • You will see map of locations or you can include or excludes the locations as per your campaign requirements

Target location in AdwordsOnce you do this setting, your campaign will only run on selected locations and will stop receiving non relevant clicks.


Google adwords offers many features that can help you to target your campaign such a way that generate most relevant clicks. Your campaign will only perform better if you know how to use those feature effectively. It is very important for us to understand our product, their services, target audiences and accordingly set the campaign. It will give best result at least spending in Google Adwords.

Jignesh is a Digital marketing consultant with over 12 years of experience in Industry. He is the founder of OLBUZ.com - an online business consulting firm helps small, medium and large businesses to grow their businesses online with the help of smart digital marketing strategies. Reach him at me[at]jigneshgohel.com Jignesh is a Google Adwords Certified professional and professional blogger who loves writing on Yoga, Tourism, Photography and Digital Marketing.

6 Comments to Learn Important Lesson in PPC from this Airtel Adwords Campaign

  1. Hey jignesh,

    Perhaps their PPC managing agency missed the radius targeting option or bulk exclusion thing while setting up AdWords for Gujrat. They would surely figure this out in no time. But great that you discussed this in your blog which could be useful for beginners.

    • Thanks Amit for sharing your views,

      I am sure, companies handing PPC for Airtel or such brands knows how to target Adwords campaign for region but i want to show how they are not liaising with their sales team to understand the market.

      I seen many brands wasting money like this and a small correction may result in better ROI.

      I seen your blog and it looks informative.. Good work Amit.

  2. Well said.
    Big Company just checking the static number from the export person. there is no analysis on investment on Online Ads and what returns from Online Ads.

    Yesterday My wife look ads on Facebook for Kitchen’s product and when she click on ads picture.Website was not working & It given error message ” Char is not allowed in URL”. non technical person don’t understand the error message they just close and website. it’s totally wast of money.

    • Thats very true Shailesh,

      A small audit of pages and campaign can really help such brands to save big on their online spending.

      Hope this article will help other online marketer to keep such points in mind while investing for their clients.

  3. Hi Jignesh,

    That Really good, and most people are not target the suitable landing page as well as location,

    It’s matter when we used paid campaign and and not make proper exercise.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Het Shah

    • Very true Het,

      When we are targeting audience through online campaign, we really need to keep our eye on source and location of our traffic. That will help us to understand best converting audience and we can accordingly forecast on Google adwords campaign !

      Btw, which tool you use to understand prospect customer (Apart from Google adwords keyword planner)? ๐Ÿ™‚

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